Turn the pages of our menu and you can choose from our Seafood Grotto, or a Prime Steak and Chop House. Light up those fires with our Bar-B-Q Pit, or experience Taste of Montana. Then look over our Italian Cucina, with its homemade sauces or, on the lighter side, our Vegetarian Entrees. Then finish off your meal with the Sweet Shop menu with our unique homemade desserts. We strive to serve the finest food with the friendliest crew, in the nicest atmosphere, anywhere. All of our recipes are original, and all of our ingredients are the finest. We know you can taste the difference. If you have any special requests or dietary restrictions, please let us know. We want to earn the right to be your favorite restaurant. Thank you! Chris Rehor, Established June 28, 2006


Montana City Grill